Spade Monrow's New Mixtape - 2 Timbz Down (Review)

Rising indie Hip Hop artist Spade Monrow recently dropped a banging new mixtape titled “2 Timbz Down“.  It’s an exciting 9 track project which you can listen too exclusively on his, smart move btw!  It’s a great idea to direct people to your actual .COM!  I completely agree 100%.  Nowadays, rappers put out project without any type of business plan, so for Spade Monrow, he knows who to catch people’s attention.

As soon as you hit the first track on this mixtape “Big Plays” prod. by Malik King, you will become an instant fan, this track is a great starter track, giving you a heavy pulse to what you can expect!  His music is extremely catchy, full of real intellectual lyrics and relatable content backed up by real life situations and street influence.  And the beats!! These have to be some of the freshest indie trap beats I’ve heard for 2016.  Supporting produers Malik King, Hashito, K.E. On The Track, Chris Wheeler & Nizzy J all deliver across the board, making it a true hand and glove fit for Spade Monrow’s sound.

Overall, this mixtape should be downloaded by everyone who comes across the review, its quality indie Hip Hop from a true star in the making.  Much respect to Spade Monrow for holding down the indie Hip Hop scene 100%.  Again, It could be found exclusively on

P.S….”I Got The Keyz” (Spade Remix)… This is my favorite track on this mixtape.  A true BANGER!!

Spade Monrow's New Mixtape - "2 Timbz Down" (Review)
2.0Overall Score