Rising indie Hip Hop artist Glamour Gurl Pearl releases her latest visual for “Real Thing” featuring Mack Wilds.

Glamour Gurl Pearl

From the gritty streets of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn emerges one of the most talented females to ever grab the mic. Known to the world as Glamour Gurl Pearl, she is a sexy swagged up rap artist and writer who’s pen game can rival any. Pearl’s unique voice, strong delivery and classic look is quite memorable and seems to be her winning recipe for success. Inspired by the urban hip hop movement of the mid 90s and musical influences from her neighborhood such as the Notorious BIG, Jay-z , Foxy brown and lil Kim, Pearl picked up the mic at a young age and has been honing her skills ever since. While the road has not been easy Pearl continues to build her brand day by day. With a lot of hard work Glam is now poised to see her dream become a reality. Dropping songs and videos like “go hard” and “get you home” along with collaborating with top producers and artist it’s evident that her star is on the rise . As she works tirelessly to deliver her long awaited project “the red carpet” it’s clear that Glamour Gurl Pearl is in her own lane and ready to take that number one spot.