Spell Jordan - Little Boxes EP (Review)

A few weeks ago, we ran into a very special EP titled “Little Boxes” by a true rising indie Hip Hop artist who goes by Spell Jordan from Philadelphia.  This simple and straight to the point 5 track EP offers all of us a real breath of fresh air, allowing us to really appreciate music that is 100% independent.  His lyrics and style is truly original, best to describe it as 2016 trap/underground Hip Hop for all the kids!  And to top it off, he is only 18-19 years of age.  Being so young with talent like this is extremely impressive.  The beat selection and sound on this EP is well beyond is time.  Nothing amateur about this EP to say the least.  Make sure to peep this EP today!

It’s a great mix of conscious, backpack & hardcore Hip Hop all in one!  This kid definitely has a bright future ahead of him!  My favorite track has to be “Rollin“.  Dope indie Hip Hop right here!

Spell Jordan - "Little Boxes" EP (Review)
3.0Overall Score