Los Angeles based indie Hip Hop artist Ariano releases his new single titled “Anymore” featuring 15-year-old son Sage Price.

What makes “Anymore” so compelling is not just that Ariano is clearly a gifted lyricist and producer. It’s the fact that the single, which is the latest off his upcoming Love Is Not LazyEP, demonstrates his knack for crafting engaging and catchy music that also carries a message.

Of course, this isn’t a surprise to anyone following the Los Angeles artist’s career, or anyone who peeped his previous single, the politically charged “Everything’s OK.” Ariano weaves easily relatable narratives within his verses on “Anymore,” which plays like a final send-off to a former friend who was eager to take, but never give anything in return.

“Anymore” also serves as a major collaboration for Ariano—because it features the first-ever released vocals from his 15-year-old son, Sage Price. The young and super-talented vocalist provides the fittingly moody chorus, which is likely to stick to your brain once the track fades out. Not only that, but there’s some slick guitar work from Ian Silverman aka E.N.S. on here to boot, which Ariano deftly fuses within the song production.

“Anymore” can now be streamed through all major streaming outlets, and is available as the second instant grat track off the iTunes Pre-Order for Ariano’s forthcoming EP, Love Is Not Lazy, which is due out next Friday, December 9th!

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