New Mixtape By 2RU3 - 2Ru3 Stylin' (Revisited)

We have to give credit where credit is due!  Up and coming South Carolina based indie Hip Hop artist 2RU3 recently dropped his mixtape last December titled “2Ru3 Stylin’ (Revisited)“, which incorporates 6 very deep, impacting and meaningful Hip Hop tracks that we all can enjoy!  His stories and messages go beyond just Hip Hop, he keeps it 100% real and teaches us listeners some real-life lessons that we all can relate to and overcome.  Lets not forget that his style is very unique, he’s a conscious lyricist mixing much street knowledge!  He has a nice deep tone in his voice just like 2Pac’s, which he uses beautifully on all his songs!

This mixtape also pays tribute to the real Hip Hop legends in the game, he uses very popular Hip Hop beats and samples all Hip Hop heads can recognize. We have been knowing about 2RU3 for a few months now, we respect his grind and we feel he has a bright future ahead of him!  Lets see what he has cooking for 2017, I’m curious how his upcoming album will be sounding!  Support indie Hip Hop!