Rising indie Hip Hop artist/vocalist Ariano with fellow Hip Hop heavyweights Mr2theP & 2Mex drop this new single titled “Mom Song” (It’s Ok).

She’s the woman who rocked you to sleep as a child, wiped away your tears, and showed you what real love was. No matter the arguments, worry-filled nights, or selflessness that may have gone unrecognized, she always was, and is, by your side. She’s the woman you cherish each day, and while some people give their moms flowers and cards for Mother’s Day, this Mother’s Day, 2017, West Coast hip hop veteran, Ariano – in collaboration with Huntington Beach rapper, Mr2theP, whose star is powerfully on the rise, and underground hip hop legend, 2mex – brings you a tribute to all the dedicated mothers out there. Produced by Ariano, this pays homage to all mothers, getting past the rough days and seeing the light at the end of a new day. Mr2theP delivers a heartfelt performance; the sincerity and emotion from his soul can be heard in the ache of his voice. 2mex pays tribute to his hardworking mom from Los Angeles as he paints his memories of a young child helping his mom sweep the floors.

Fresh off his latest EP, Love Is Not Lazy, Ariano’s “Mom Song (It’s Ok)” delivers a message that will resonate with anyone who struggles to find the words to express what their mom truly means to them. Those flowers you gave her may die, but music lasts forever.