Rising indie Hip Hop artist Dubs Life releases his latest single “I Got the Sauce”.  Also available for stream on SPOTIFY.

About the track:

“I Got the Sauce” has a unique sound to it. It breaks away from hip hop tradition with a vocal performance that is rough and raspy over a modern hip-hop style beat infused with EDM, Rock, and Trap. I have been writing music since the age of 14. I use the artist name “Dubs Life” taking “Dubs” from my middle name, “Wayne”. I embrace my taste and influences for music to create my own art. I make my music exactly the way I want to make it with no compromise because this is my life, thus “Dubs Life”. I produce, write and record all of my own music and have worked for years to come into my own with a unique sound. I live and work out of my studio in Zebulon, NC.