Indie artists Noel Demello (Deeskee), Jade River, Jknight, and Jacob Vermillion are Knives & Gasoline! Check out their latest singleย “Lotus”.

In this heavy saturated trap era some are waiting for whats next. Knives & Gasoline are Noel Demello (Deeskee), Jade River, Jknight, and Jacob Vermillion. They are not rock, they are not rap, they are what happens when you take friends and family from different musical genres and create something that fights back against the current status quo. Jknight the youngest of the band blends his bass heavy style with Jade Rivers drums allowing Deeskee to arrange around Jacobs haunting vocals. Lotus gives a rebirth to a band with their feet in the underground and their sights set on a bigger sound. Lotus is a song that is now and will last over time.