Alxxa is a rising Los Angeles Pop act who is catching a huge wave right now, backed by her popular previous releases, “Nobody” and “Pistol”. Continuing to ride the wave, the songstress unveils another great track, titled, “Hung Up”.

“Hung Up” is a break-up tale fueled by love, life, and the ups and downs that organically come with any love story. The track exudes Alxxa’s signature bravado and fervor while remaining relatable and true to heart throughout.

Alxxa on “Hung Up”, she shares:

“Hung Up’ is a very special song for me. It was the first song I wrote when I moved to Los Angeles…alone, sitting at the piano, all in about an hour or so. It was a combination of shitty relationships, bad habits, nasty injuries, toxic work environments, poor self-image… You name it. Realizing I needed a change, I packed my things and drove across the country. The week long drive cleared my head and released a lot of the negative energy I had been harboring for a long time. This song describes the toxic cycle I was living in, at war with my surroundings and with myself.”

Alxxa is receiving a lot of support for many of music tastemakers for her unique sound. Checkout “Hung Up” above and stay tuned for more Alxxa news as it becomes available.

Twitter: @AlxxaMusic