We absolutely love it when we come across quality indie Hip Hop artists in the beginning stages of their careers!  Currently residing in Brownsville, TX, C-Styles is originally from Chicago, a huge Hip Hop market with tons of rappers be born everyday!  He has been chipping away solidifying himself as a true Hip Hop Chicago representative by being 100% different and original, delivering a whole new style of Hip Hop nobody has heard before!  He recently dropped high highly anticipated album “Happy Tragedies“ featuring some real Hip Hop heavyweights like Lil Flip, Tony Sunshine, Jerome Childers & more!  This 18 track project gives off a smell of pure freshness, mixing in the Chicago style flavor, old school Boom Bap, conscious and Texas influenced rhythm, embracing all sides of the spectrum with that new cutting edge Hip Hop that 2017 desperately needs!

C-Styles is extremely articulate with his style, along with his natural sounding story telling abilities, every word and story can be really absorbed and understood!  He has a young career, but clearly he understands the INFLUENCE is the key to success!  His double video “No Heart To Break” Ft. Robbie Blue / “Hypnotize” Ft. JBDK is really something to remember as well!  Both of those tracks have to be my favorite on this album by far!

The 1st song on the album comes in smooth, “I Wanna Know Why” It shows listeners the dedication to the wordplay you can hear the dedication and conviction within the lyrics. The album continues with “We Gon’ Make It” this song is lyrically in tune and fits together like a puzzle.  I can admit, the production and mastering could have been better, but this is exactly what indie Hip Hop is, just making it happen and moving forward with your content! I have to mention his track titled “Say That”, quite possibly is his most complete track on this album!  Straight banger in my book for sure!

I already can see he will get better and better as he progresses in the Hip Hop game, lets just see what else he has cooking for late 2017 and the upcoming year!

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Rating: 7/10
Highlights: Potency of Lyrics and Storytelling