Samurai Shin is back with the Second EP Of 2017 “The Saga Begins“, inspired by the title “Wu-Tang – The Saga Continues”. It features the underground Emcee such as Anonymuz, Vagabond Maurice, Sage, the 64th Wonder, Core Demonstration & More. The EP will showcase an interview with Frank Flor & Ty Smith talking about the Hip Hop & animation on Channel 10 Podcast.

The Saga Begins” Also Means New Issue & Upcoming Short Animations Films That Will Be Based Samurai Shin Comic Series Created by Frank Flor & Ty Smith

Mikel Miles, Ivan Earl Aguilar & Harley Dela Cruz are the three creative minds behind Samurai Shin

Samurai Shin is highly influenced by anime such as Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, and Sword Of The Stranger.

Comic book writer and Executive producer Mikel Miles released a stellar project earlier this summer in Samurai Shin’s “The Prelude” EP. It features heavyweights like Torae and Medaphor the Great, but I was most impressed by some of the other underground artists on the project flexing their skills along the same ilk of the Samurai Champloo soundtrack series.

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