Up and coming indie Hip Hop artist Tak The Viking releases his latest single titled “Be Free” featuring Ariano.

“We all just want to be free”…free from fear, from hate, from injustice. In an era where police violence is turned against the very people they are sworn to protect, and where the failure of accountability continues the cycle, these are the fears that Tak the Viking tackles on his single, “Be Free.”

As the lead single from Tak’s debut album, Love Me for Me, “Be Free” doesn’t sugarcoat the pervasiveness of police brutality in today’s society. The track combines Tak’s emotionally raw lyrics and intense clips from actual news events hold the facts of our new reality straight to your eyes. You can’t turn away, you can’t ignore it. The haunting production and hook, both delivered by veteran SoCal hip hop artist, Ariano, help create a track that forces you to pay attention; the violence and the fear won’t go away unless you first acknowledge it.

This powerful song is just the beginning for Tak the Viking as he gets ready to drop his debut EP, Love Me for Me. “Be Free” will pull you in and prime you from what is still to come.