“The Four” Season Two To Bring More Hip-Hop

If there’s one thing Diddy is good at, it’s probably finding more talent.

We know that the hip-hop icon has a lot of side pursuits, and that it may even be fair to say that music is more of a hobby for him these days. For instance, he’s taken up a fairly active film career, with some particularly noteworthy performances since 2010. Diddy was in Get Him To The Greek, I’m Still Here, Draft Day, and even Muppets Most Wanted. He also did the documentary Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story, which was released exclusively through Apple Music last year. All in all it’s a pretty busy movie career.

Diddy also has more miscellaneous pursuits and hobbies. For instance, he’s done a lot of charitable work over the years, and he’s also known for dipping into the fashion business from time to time. On the hobby end of things, he’s known to be a blackjack enthusiast, and can be found at the high roller tables in Las Vegas now and then. He’s gained a little bit of a reputation in the celebrity casino community (insofar as there is such a thing), which only seems to elevate his status as one of the more versatile entertainers working.

Through all different stages of his career though, and no matter if he’s been focusing more on his own music or something else, Diddy has always had a talent for identifying and assisting young artists. He’ll find new musicians, collaborate with or produce them, and ultimately help them get their breakthroughs. He’s had a pretty public influence on a lot of artist, and has almost certainly been pulling strings for a lot of other young rappers in a way we don’t necessarily say. Now he’s going to be doing it professionally via his new musical competition reality show “The Four.”

This is a show Diddy was a judge for alongside DJ Khaled, Fergie, and Meghan Trainor, and it went well enough that a second season was ordered (and will air this summer). One surprising thing about the show though, particularly given DJ Khaled’s and Diddy’s presence on the judges’ panel, was its relative lack of focus on rap.

That appears to be changing for the second season, and it’s actually Trainor making that clear. The popular singer has expressed that she’d like to see more genres for season two, and stressed, “more rapping, more rap for sure.” That would make it different from some of the shows to which it’s commonly compared, and most of all it would give Diddy a chance to flex his strongest muscles: analyzing and assisting independent, unknown talent. It should make season two of “The Four” a good show to watch for anyone who appreciates indie hip-hop.