Charismatic begins his new video by painting a picture of the stress a “9-5” lifestyle brings to those in the matrix. He flips it into a true hustler’s anthem, “I stay on my grind, so Fuck a 9-5 (yeah)”.

Brief backstory, Cole Pitter formerly known as “Charismatic” in Queens, New York. Charismatic (Matic) later moved to Georgia to live with his father when the time arose. He frequently went back and forth to his hometown every year of his childhood. Coming from humble means and a middle-waged household, Charismatic has a vision to change the world and help people struggling all over to achieve what they’ve always wanted to in their lives! He also has a passion to change the stereotype that in order to make it huge in the rap game, you must fit a “specific image”, or ultimately have a “gimmick”.

“9-5” is off his new project, ‘Blue Lemonade’.

Watch the new video above.

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