Indie Hip Hop artist Kaze Jones drops his new hard-hitting single titled “Where Will We Run” Ft. Ariano, Born Allah and Sage One The Wise.

It seems like every day we are faced with the news about another shooting. Another son, another daughter, another life cut short. From the shattered safety of school hallways, to the fractured sanctity of church pews, it becomes a constant heartache that we push to the back of our minds just to keep going. We know America is caught in the grip of violence, and we have to keeping asking questions to find the answers.

Hip hop, from its inception, has been a voice for the voiceless and at times, a megaphone aimed at the the socially and politically deaf. Hip hop now has another anthem in the response to this new-age epidemic. “Where Will We Run?” is more than just a song, it’s a cry for help and a brutally honest reaction to the fear and anger that we have come to know in these uncertain times.

Kaze Jones pleads for the country to wake the fuck up in his hard-hitting and intensity-laden verses, laid flawlessly over the eerily industrial slapping Ariano-produced track. But Kaze and Ariano are not alone in this fight. LA legend, Born Allah, and rising SoCal talent, Sage One The Wise, feature on the track, brining their own perspectives on this uniquely American sickness of rampant guns and denial.

So where will we run when the violence comes to our own doors? Kaze Jones and Ariano don’t have the answers, but they are refusing to back down and will keep asking the question…”Where Will We Run?”