Directed by Boulevard P, “Love Me” was actually written and first recorded in 2012. <strong<GNA co-wrote the single with songwriter, Myles.

The video is a cute display of this, in front of a burger shack with her girls, being approached with same-o, same-o from guys.

She immediately loved the song and what it stood for. The track is about being a confident woman who knows herself, her worth, and above everything all loves herself first. We are seeing this trend and theme in pop culture right now, with women loving themselves and banding together. Perfect timing with “Love Me” and it’s girl power message. The song was produced by T-Nyce, Seth Dyer and Josh Francois.

The beat was originally meant for an intro, but the more GNA wrote to it.. the more it felt like a full out track. Writing this was therapeutic for her, because she’s never really spoken on some of the things mentioned in the song. So far, this is one of GNA’s favorite songs. She’s been getting a bunch of messages from different people telling her how much it’s touched them and how much they can relate to it.

Watch “Love Me” below.

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