Brisbane based indie hip-hop artist GMO$ (Jack Geronimos) drops his new mixtape titled “Moment Of Change“.

Jack Geronimos is an Independent, Indigenous Brisbane hip-hop artist who went through high school dyslexic and found it difficult to keep good grades. Before living and working in Brisbane he lived on a small Island called CoochieMudlo with his family.

With the help of music GMO$ learnt to write and rap almost entirely on his own, and now it is his time to make his dream a reality.
GMO$’s music is a cultivation of a unique upbringing and his ability to story tell utilising organic rap. His sound can be compared to that of Hospin and Tech9. His music influence traces back the roots of rap, Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony!

His raw, underground sound combined with honest lyricism about real-life experiences have made his first mixtape release something magnificent.