Cleveland’s own Nnena Adigwe, better known as the recording artist Nija Gal, is blowing up with her strong lyrics and deeply rooted pride for her Nigerian heritage. Blending Hip-Hop wordplay with R&B melodies, Nija Gal showcases the popularity on the buzzworthy hit, “Not the Thumb”.

On the track, Nija Gal digs deep with the insults to her recently separated ex-boyfriend. Airing out all his dirty laundry to the track. The song presence is something that everyone one who has dealt with a broken heart can relate to. Nija is raw and incredible from beginning to end on the track. Built a tremendous amount of potential with the new release, Nija Gal is quickly becoming a fast-rising star that The Land is definitely selecting to have next-up.

Listen to “Not the Thumb” above.

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