Indie Hip Hop artist from Fayetteville, NC 4thg3ar drops his debut single/video for upcoming album “The Essence of My Energy” featuring Ju Diz’el.

Album pre-order link:

“The Essence of My Energy”… an instrumental album Produced by 4thg3ar… The Album was inspired by a quote from Oprah which she states “Nobody but you is responsible for your life… it doesn’t matter what your Momma did, doesn’t matter what your Daddy didn’t do… you are responsible for your life… and what is your life… what is all life… what is every flower, every rock, every tree, every human being… “ENERGY” …and you are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself and you are responsible for the energy that you bring to others…” -Oprah Winfrey “Always surround yourself with positive energy and always remember that the energy that you put out is exactly the energy you will get in return… -4thg3ar