Underground’s Theghost&l is a rare breed of emcees and that is necessary for Hip-Hop. Colorado-bred hybrid of Inaiah Lujan (The Haunted Windchimes) and Zetfree (BullHead*ded) make a convincing debut with an introduction, “Paper Trail”.

“Paper Trail” tells the unfortunate story of a hurt female looking for answers. Due the sound, content, and hook, it’s evident this is a Hip-Hop horror story. As the ending is grime, dark, and unfortunate for the female lead.

Listen to “Paper Trail” today, courtesy of Soundcloud.

“Paper Trail” production is simplistic. Simple drum pattern, simple smack, drowned out by the vocals. The production is almost non-existent due to the clarity and volume of the lyrics. The beat is also spaced out from time to time, leaving a lot of empty void that could have been perfect for additional elements.

Inaiah and Zetfree wordplay focus more on sound than substance. It’s not what they say that is important but how they say it that drives it home. Telling a story, the two’s dark and moody vocals bring the story to life adding effect and depth. However, concentrating on the context and be misleading due to the uncomfortable of what is being described. Like hearing a scary story when it’s not Halloween, just comes off eerie rather than exciting. The tone of the song establishes respect nonetheless.

“Paper Trail” fits into a comfort zone and doesn’t straddle the fence. Familiar with the two acts, fans will easily identify the style and appreciate the single but will still need to be convinced. Approachable, the track exhibits all of the firsts elements that is standard for future stars. Experimental, attractive, and foundation, “Paper Trail” is a spark but we need a bang to follow.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlights: Concept

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