Check out Fungai’s new track, ‘Next Time’.


They call him ‘The Coolest Rapper Ever’, he is African Australian (Originally hailing from Zimbabwe), an outspoken christian and above all he just dropped a new heater. Meet Fungai. This kid has been rapping longer than most artists his age and due to those stripes that he’s earned, you can hear it in the music.


His latest release is an upbeat track about appreciating loved ones in the now instead of waiting for a “Next Time”. The vibe kind of screams summer nights which is perfect for Australia as we approach summer. As a result, I decided to give this track a share. Not only is it clear that this artist has put in the work in terms of the music but also the slick visuals that accompany it.

Take a listen to the track below, leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Twitter: @coolest_rapper

Facebook: /FungaiMusic

Soundcloud: /coolestrapperever

Youtube: Fungai aka The coolest rapper ever