You definitely need Ciana Pelekai on your radar. Fit with an impossibly sweet voice, the Hawaiian singer-songwriter only has a few singles under her belt, but she’s already been garnering a whole lot of love for her slick brand of soulful R&B/Alternative sound.  Ciana Pelekai just released her first single of 2019, the punchy catchy love-jam titled “Bluff“ complemented with a great visual directed by @acpvisuals.

Bluff“ opens with catchy brass string melody and a slinky R&B rhythm before Ciana Pelekai’s airy vocals come in delivering quick lines about young lust — in clever, clipped lyrics, she articulates the insecurity that comes from building relationships that aren’t fully engaged. You know what she means — those bluff meeting, those half-hearted connections between somebody, going out for a day at the local carnival as in the video just to make sure he is the one for you. Ciana Pelekai tackles the relatable subject matter carefully, having combined her own experiences with those of others to reach the core of how it feels to love and call on bluffs.

Aided by a revolving arrangement of woozy jazz swells, smooth percussive shimmers, and catchy melodic beats, Ciana Pelekai’s sweet vocals lead the anthem. Built on a lush bed of R&B arrangements, “Bluff“ is a uplifting reflection that suggests Ciana Pelekai will continue to deliver her dreamy melodies in big, new ways.

Listen to “Bluff“ today and connect with Ciana Pelekai on Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter.

Rating: 7/10