Cincinnati’s Juan Cosby has blossomed into a highly-decorated emcee within the past several years. The known member of Counterfeit Money Machine has been busy preparing the release of his forthcoming project and gives fans a teaser in the release of the posse cut, titled, “Nuance”. Previewing the aggressive nature fans can expect from the project as Juan Cosby loads up with the best of the underground to let it reign on the mainstream landscape.

The song is slated to appear on Cosby’s new album, Immortal Jellyfish, coming this month. Accompanied by a carefully selected foursome of elite emcees, “Nuance” surrounds its electrified sound with a group of cutthroat rhymesayers with a lot of authenticity and merit to execute an unstoppable hit.
Hungry and on the prowl, Cosby, Nerd, Ozzborn, and Manchild look to outclass their fellow emcee in healthy competition and showcase superior level rhymes spitting to the masses unfamiliar with the art in today’s mumble climate.

Stream “Nuance” by Juan Cosby, courtesy of YouTube.

As for the production, the eerie digital one key effects become annoying with its lack of depth and repetitive loop. Basic keyboard alphabet falls flat almost instantly as the track burns time. The fantastic four’s superior wordplay are distracted by the pothole littered all over the production as it would have a better result as an acapella.

Lyrically, while all four were impressive with aggressive metaphors, surgical execution on delivery, and impactful keywords. It was Spoken Nerd that stole the show with a leader of the pack attitude and buzzer-beater timing on the track.

It’s the song’s competitive nature that provides ultimate pleasure. The four realize they shine brighter as a cohesive unit than individually and brilliantly assist each other with helpful alley-oops before ending their appearance. Putting the validity of the song first and delivering star-studded performances that will have fans eager to hear more from the foursome both collectively and individually.

Ranking: 8/10

Highlight: Lyricism