“It’s not my fault” is one of the most conditioned responses you’re likely to hear for unaccountability. Even if your aware or not, most of our daily choices are influenced… whether it’s authority, genetics or the fear of what others think, but the most powerful influence on someone is their immediate environment if you surround yourself with drug addicts your likely to become a drug addict, if you surround yourself with ambition your likely to succeed, if you surround yourself with unhealthy distractions you’ll end up paying the price over time.

Boston lyricist Singapore Kane talks about being a product of his surroundings on the latest video-single “My Environment” directed by D. Gomez Films, produced by DNA.

“Who know the difference between a hater and truth bearer, I put the facts on wax, you see the truth clearer.” — Singapore Kane

• Written, Arranged & Performed by Singapore Kane
• Produced by DNA • Directed by D. Gomez Films

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