Coming off critical success in 2019 singles “Fashionova,” and “SaySowhich drew in over multiple thousands of streams, a appearance in the 2020 Urban One Awards, and a rising name in Richmond Virginia; Moochieee returns to the limelight after a brief hiatus by releasing new single “Say So.”

Filled with brash instrumental whims, the emcee vibrant energy, and melodic creativity, Say So take listeners through a journey of Moochieee’s life and future. The video adds to the energy with a chaotic and creative visual. 

“Making this song, I thought to myself what would people want to listen to,” he said during a recording session. “What really will sell the track is my infectious personality and musical talent combining into a song titled ‘Say So’ which not only entices listeners but excites them.” 

Asides from his latest track, Moochieee has been visiting local homeless shelters in Virginia and has been giving back to the less fortunate with daily supplies required to live. Also, he donates a portion of his streaming money to schools in the area. 

“It’s more than just music, I want to be in a position to where my music gives back to society the right way,” Moochieee said with excitement.