For all the readers who don’t know, is NC Jimmy Bones your real name or your artist name?

Jimmy Bones is not my real name tho I’ve been called “Bones” since I can remember my name. Even in school my teachers called me “Bones”. The “Jimmy” came from my days of battling. I was lyrically eating dudes in rap battles. After one of my battles this chic says, “I see you Jimmy Bones.” Later that night I asked her why she called me “Jimmy Bones” and she said from the Snoop Dogg movie “Bones” that was his name and he ate people to get stronger. I loved the concept and ran with the it so I added the Jimmy to the child hood name Bones I had.

How long have you been making music?  Any specific influences?

I’ve been making music since the early 2000’s. My musically influences stretch out across a broad spectrum of hip hop. My biggest infulences would be the the whole genre of rap from the early 2000’s.

What city you from?  How is the Hip Hop scene there?

I was born on Long Island, N.Y. N.Y is definetly one of the pioneer places of hip hop and still has a very strong and influential hip hop culture.

 Congrats on your latest single “Rear View“, we just completed a review for it and its dropping soon.  Break down the single in a few words.for us.

“Rear View” is basically a message to those haters, and people against you. Mash the gas on em! Anything in your rear view is being left behind. Keep it movin and stay ambitious towards your goals. The cover art was designed by me. I did the graphics. It’s a scene out of the video where I’m in my Range Rover leaving the haters in the “Rear View”

How are fans and supporters reacting to your project?

Fans and supporters really gave me good feedback on the project. They said it was dope and they could identify with the message. People hittin me up showing me their playing it or have downloaded it.

What are a few different moves your making for 2020 when it comes to your music career?

I have a few shows lined up in NYC as well as here in Carolina. Believe it or not, I’ll be dropping my first LP “Rise and Grind” which will be crazy! My reality TV show, “Tshirts-N-Tattoos,” airing May 2nd will also feature new music from me.

Any future collabs or projects you working on for 2020?

I am also working on a mixtape that will be dropping summer 2020. I haven’t reached out for any collabs tho I definitely plan on doing a collabe with my label mate and nephew, Lucciano the G.

Our highlight question, what your definition of “indie hip hop”?

My definition of indie hip hop is hip hop in it’s purest form. Indie hip hop is hunger and determination. It is the rappers’ truth. Life’s reality put into music form. There’s no gimic or specific purpose other than the love for music and creativity. Being who you really are no matter who likes it!

Where can people find more of your music other than Spotify?

You can find me on all major digital platforms.


Instagram: @ncjimmybones

Any shout outs?

Shout out to GUAP (Guapo The Don), KMC (King Music Corp.) Jhawani Smalls, the R.O.W camp, Die Hard Productions, Manopoli Dons, and all my fans rockin with me!