Harlem based entertainer hopes you are ready for the Vino World Order

A melodic Hip Hop artist hailing from Harlem, New York Vino World prides himself on being one of the most organic MCs that you will find in the rising crop of Big Apple talent. Through staying true, Vino World has afforded himself the opportunity to build organic relationships and develop an authentic support system both in music and in business.  His content is a product of the exact flare that exudes from his character.
“I tell people all the time my music is my own spice that I plan to unleash on the music industry.”
Inspired by his reality, his lyrics are composed with the intent to provide motivation to others to evolve. His ambition is an example to his peers and is always seasoned with his love for the ladies.  His ear for music has shaped him into a versatile artist and song writer equipped with catchy melodies based on real life experiences.  There is no question of if, only when will Vino catapult his contemporaries becoming a cemented name on the list of premiere artist / entertainers in the game today.  Welcome to Vino World.
Check out one of his latest tracks, Not The Same.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icOi9MSs26s]