Nuch – “Springfield” (Album Review)

The one-time member of Sounds of Maddness, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recording artist Nuch has had a relentless passion for Hip-Hop since a young age. After developing a grassroot fanbase with the release of previous efforts like Founders Hall and Let’s Take Em Back. Inking a distribution deal with Spinnup Records, Nuch delivers his finest work yet within his full-length studio album, titled, Springfield.

Promising to be an album for the ages. Nuch returns with his new label OBG (Odd Ball Gang). The Pittsburgh-native raps a premium grimy flow that is sure to turn heads. The new album’s production includes juggernauts Big Andy, Big Jerm, DJ Chubbs, Luke-O, Tony Digz & Feats, with guest features from Conway the Machine, Louie Castle & many more.

Stream Nuch New Album, Springfield below, courtesy of Spotify.

Nuch lyrical abilities are charismatic, daring, and creative but with all those natural essentials, he often falls short due to being overconfident. Offbeat lyricism maybe a trend in today’s Hip-Hop but beneath his skill set and simply throws off his flow. Offbeat errors aside, Nuch secure greatness with slick play-on-words, strong punchlines, and motivational purpose. Showcasing endless possibilities, Nuch emerges as a breakthrough new artist that the underground will love instantly.

Nuch production on Springfield is thoroughbred. Demands the best from the up-and-coming talent with tricked-out bass, deep layers, and amplified constructs. Giving the new artist a lot to tackle and bring out the best of him personally, mentally, and lyrically. Credits to Nuch beat selection, tailor-made for his skills and sonically birth his identity as a recording artist.

After reviewing new the 15-track collective, it’s easy to identify that Nuch has the potential to become a chart-topping success with a little more experience. Production and lyrics are both impressive; however, the chemistry between Nuch and producers could use some adjusting to be a perfect fit instead of canceling each other out from time to time on the album. Nuch is often drowned out by the production with unconvincing wordplay to hit as hard as the bass. Minor issues that can be corrected with time, Nuch latest effort may have its flaws but definitely establish intrigue for what the rising star has in store.

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Production

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