Kase Cobain – C’est La Vie.

Kase Cobain starts off the new year with his highly anticipated project C’est La Vie. Some are calling it a masterpiece and his best work yet.

Highly acclaimed and proud, Kase put so much effort into the curation of this latest project.

With features from Lamar Crushin, KEENG, Skylar Mystique, Al Chike & Don Cooly; Kase sets the tone for 2020.


“I had to stop focusing on heartbreak and loss and begin focusing on the fact life is short and to enjoy it while you’re here no matter what.”

“All I’ve ever wanted is to respected as an artist. Hopefully I’ve earned that.”
“If it wasn’t for going to NY to perform at SOBs I would’ve never met Vincent.”

“I met Wink at school and its been a wrap ever since”

“Xanny is a MOCO legend IYKYK”