Longshot – “I’m Saying” (EP Review)

Longshot is an mc from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since the unjust murder of George Floyd, Shot and his fellow residence have been vastly affected in their everyday lives. In response to the change in his personal life and in America as a whole, the mc has released the project “I’m Saying“. As many have attempted to address and empower off this devastating situation, will Longshot be able to stand out?

The self-titled track “I’m Saying” is a compelling tale on modern racism and hatred. Painting a picture of chaos and injustice from the get go hooks the listener as they want to see Shot complete his view of this never-ending story. “Salutations” and “Plenty” continue to build upon the previously addressed themes but with a refreshing change in delivery and tone. “Ioneed” shows Longshot take a step back lyrically and conceptually in order to let the listener sink in what they heard on the previous three tracks. “P.O.P.” is a definite standout as LS addresses his anger with big corporations and government officials as they care more about their power and wealth than the well being and safety of the people. Finishing off the record, the epic “Burn It Down” ties together everything we just heard. Overall, Longshot ties together an epic story with his solid lyricism and amazing storytelling.

Behind the boards, “I’m Saying” is perfected with its versatile and fitting soundtrack. Handled by producer Omen, he makes everything flow seamlessly. There are unsettling minimalistic beats like “I’m Saying” while also the more energetic “Salutations”. “Ioneed” heavily relies on its glitchy instrumental, which captures the feelings of despair, fear, and aggression cohesively. “P.O.P.” and “Burn It Down” also have amazing sonic backdrops as their boom-bap reminiscent style gives Longshot the perfect pallet to complete his vision over. All in all, Omen puts together one of the best independent production jobs I have ever seen!

In conclusion, “I’m Saying” is marvelous telling of the danger in America from someone living through it firsthand. Complementing its relevant subject matter, there is fantastic production to match it. When it comes to modern conscious hip hop, there hasn’t been many records that have covered current events as well as this. Going forward, I hope Longshot gives us something, even grander as I feel he is just scraping his potential. Follow @mclongshot on Instagram to stay updated on this upcoming rappers journey!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Storytelling, Lyricism, Production