ibeshocker & Kevvie3TM – “Melrose Blues” (Single Review)

ibeshocker and Kevvie3TM are upcoming hip hop artists from Southern California. All their lives, the two have lived around the corner from the infamous Melrose Avenue, which had inspired the creation of their brand new single “Melrose Blues”. With lyrics that embody the trials and tribulations of success, will these ideals translate into a hit record? 

Starting off with a vibrant instrumental that will make you feel like your cruising down LA streets on a hot day, the duo begins to rap about everything that comes with this. Using illusive references to baseball, sobriety, and food, Ibe alludes to his desire for fame. With an energetic and vibrant flow, ibeshocker leaves his impact on the listener as he sits with his “MacBook and blunt” to clear his thoughts. Bridging the verses together with a catchy hook that summarizes the song’s themes, there is a clear commercial appeal. On the second verse, Kevvie3tm continues to build upon the themes his counterpart was referencing to to. We learn of the duos reasoning behind their dreams on this powerful and extended verse, including providing and supporting their families. Following this, the bridge makes a final reprise and continues to play out until the song’s motivational end. 

In conclusion, “Melrose Blues” is a beautiful song that could indeed headline the release of something significant in the future. Turning their lyrical potency into something accessible and easy to digest, the two show their ability to resonate with a broad audience vengefully. Going forward, I cant wait to see what these two do in the future and if you are too, be sure to follow @ibeshocker and @kevvie3tm on Instagram!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Vibes, Message, Hook