Murder Master Music Show Presents – “Fuck Tha World” (Compilation Album)

The Murder Master Music Show presents “Fuck Tha World” is an 18 Track Compilation featuring artists from all over the states and around the globe. The pioneering underground rap podcast carefully picked a good variety of hard street tracks mixed with eye-opening conscious rap going straight at real-life topics such as police brutality.

Track List:
1. Murder Master Music Show Intro – Renizance – Prod by – Renizance
2. Apokalypse – Mi$tuh-G – Prod by – E-Moe
3. Raized N Tha Hood – Darkroom Familia – Prod by Crooked
4. Enough Is Enough – X-It Only, Lord Nexus, Boxx-A-Million, Slick Dubble – Prob by Lord Nexus
5. You Leave Us No Choice – Ganxsta NIP – Prod by Ice Mike
6. Everything Dead – Jackboy D-Payne, Xklusiv Da Selekta, Fred Stuy – Prod by Detag
7. Ser Kombatente – Gangzta Krow – Prod by DJ Lil Sprite
8. My Calling – Down Pat, T-Rock, Mr. Serv-On, Melanie Rutherford – Prod by SinVstyle
9. Resume – 20-2Life – Prod by AB-Trilla
10. Nothing Left – Fred Stuy – Prod by Shonzy Beats
11. Take A Shit 69 – K7 Leetha – Prod by – Beats Craze
12. 2020 – Lyrical Dre – Prod by J Cynical
13. Rush In – X-It Only, Calaber 007, Xklusiv Da Selekta – Prod by Xklusiv Da Selekta
14. I Putchu On – Sipp-N-Sota Qlik – Prod by Skinnymaine Da Maine
15, All I Know – Scratch LDP – Prod by JNate 13 Productions
16. Protect The Crown – Lil Sicx, Ren Da Heatmonsta – Prod by Devious One
17. We Been Through It – PSK-13, K-Rino, Point Blank, Klondike Kat – Prod by Sean Solo Jemison
18. UGS Worldwide – Tha BG, Paus, Don Ciclone, Mac Jay, Jaccindaboxx, Detag – Prod by Detag

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