Dead Silence – “Hollywood” (Video)

Out of  Indianapolis, IN rising independent Hip Hop artist Dead Silence releases his latest music video titled “Hollywood“. Follow him on Instagram @deadsilence9.

He tells the world that they can love or hate him, either way, the world “can’t stop, won’t stop.” People love trying to project their fears upon you, just so they can say, “I told you so!” But, as long as you remain humble and keep a clear vision of what your end goal is, you have no choice but to become “Hollywood”, respectfully. Dead Silence explains that with all that he has been through, no way he’s destined for nothing less than greatness. His message, “take
a couple steps back to realize I’m a living legend” has become a daily mantra. No one is
walking in your shoes nor understanding what it’s like to take the journey that you’re
walking. If someone tries to stop you, just give them the blueprint to your life since they
know so much.